I am a seeker of magic and the human mind is where I find its greatest abundance. Nearly eighteen years ago, I was diagnosed with a disorder that is still widely misunderstood and often misrepresented. I am taking a stand against the outdated, and quite frankly toxic, concept that you can have just a little bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It isn’t a side of mashed potatoes, ya’ll!

When I’m not lost in my latest story, anxiously gnawing the back of a pen–or drinking ungodly amounts of coffee–I’m in the kitchen carefully measuring ingredients to feed all my wildest stress baking desires.

My only serenity lives and breathes at every show I’ve ever attended. The air is always heavy and sticky with unbridled excitement and you can’t tell if what’s beating inside your chest are the drums or your own panicked heart. Each time a finger finds a new key my spine knots and my posture pushes me higher until I’m on my tippy toes with my nose grazing a stranger’s hair. There’s nowhere in this universe I’d rather be than in a massive crowd of people I don’t know, with my hands up to the sky, and my spirit dialed into the sweet sound of live music. I want to live forever in the way that feels.

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